Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

This is a safe and effective alternative weight loss option that is beneficial in that it is a non-surgical procedure with a lower risk and faster recover time. The technique if known as Longitudinal Compression which benefits more sutures than with the traditional method.

Am I eligible?

Yes as long as your BMI is greater than 35

Will I lose weight?

The ESG works by either restriction – thus reducing the stomach capacity or it slows gastric emptying whereby the food you eat remains in the stomach a little longer.

What does the surgery involve?

It involves suturing the stomach from the inside to significantly reduce its capacity by up to 80%. After the procedure, the stomach remains intact but has been sutured from top to bottom to leave a smaller banana shaped stomach through which the food you eat passes. The procedure is done via an overstitch whereby a device is placed into the stomach via the mouth to place stitches to reduce the stomach capacity by up to 80%. This leaves a smaller stomach which resembles a banana shape through were food passes. The procedure only takes approximately an hour to complete and because there is not cutting or stapling, recovery and risks are far less.

How much weight can one expect to lose?

This procedure has excellent weight loss results delivering over 50% excess loss within the first 6 months of surgery.