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About Us

My name is Linsey Wilson and I have been a Registered General Nurse for over seven years. I am also trained as a Specialist Nurse in Bariatric Care. I am also an Exclusive Agent for Wales for Weight Loss Surgery which also includes Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass.

My clinic is based in Wales whereby I provide aftercare for gastric bands which involves band fills and emergency aspirations and post operative advice for Gastric Sleeve/Bypass patients. I am proud to mention that I have extensive experience and knowledge in this speciality. I have worked across England, Scotland and Wales providing advice and support to over 3000 patients over the last year.

Why is my service so different?

  • Regular continuity of care.
  • Professional, informative, unrushed approach.
  • Nutritional support, recommendations and advice.
  • More frequent and short-notice available appointments thus avoiding hospital admissions, further complications, emotional distress, feeling uncomfortable, vomiting or pain.
  • Having more flexibility with bookings appointments around a holiday or special event rather than having limited available appointments.
  • Having a professional Health Practitioner at the other end of a phone when needing any advice or support.

"Wales only independent company is extending its services to England"